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August 2018

Q&A: How do you motivate good employees who have become disengaged?

August 24, 2018
LeadershipQ and A
Sometimes the best performing employees can become disconnected or disengaged with the organization. This most commonly happens after major changes or a series of small changes. Here are five steps I’ve used successfully to get them re-engaged. 5 Steps to Re-engaging a Good Performer Step 1:Find out why they are disengaged. As a leader we cannot make assumptions about why…
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Two Tips for the Overwhelmed Leader

August 17, 2018
Leaders at every experience level struggle with feeling overwhelmed. They are balancing the workload of their projects/tasks and the time they have to spend with their people. It’s a tough balancing act. Whether it is a new project or a large company initiative, leaders get trapped into focusing on completing the project or task, and forget key points to help balance…
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Q&A: How do I get my team to value the right metrics?

August 13, 2018
LeadershipQ and A
Have you ever said this to yourself or someone else? “I don’t know how to get my team concerned with the right metrics. It always seems they have excuses when their numbers aren’t where they should be.” As managers, our performance is always measured based on our team’s performance. This implies you're measuring something to determine performance success, whether it’s…
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