Johnny Laurent’s decades of work experiences and skills have generated record-breaking results in dramatic turnarounds for companies throughout the US. Now, as a motivational speaker, corporate trainer and career coach to professionals, Johnny consults with both individuals and company managers and leaders, helping them turn around seemingly unsolvable problems and reaching their highest potential.

Early Signs of Potential

Evidence of what would eventually develop into Johnny Laurent’s core competencies began to emerge even in his teens. Within months of his first job as a McDonald’s burger flipper, he was promoted to Assistant Manager by demonstrating leadership in helping team members succeed.

Throughout his teens and twenties, a pattern emerged: one of migrating to leadership roles in jobs and community service. Post college, Johnny entered the workforce at U.S. Robotics, where he quickly moved up the management chain, eventually providing leadership to the company’s software division, while also leading the consumer modems division’s support group, helping the company successfully retool during a period of quintupling sales.

Self-Discovery and New Directions

When Johnny was recruited to Software AG – a well-run company with good leadership – he made a pivotal discovery. He excelled there, as he had in companies past, but here he discovered that his true passion and greatest value was in creating fruitful harvest in rocky soil – in serving companies with big problems, where he could identify key issues, define solutions and oversee or guide their course correction to achieve exceptional results.

As a result of this realization, Johnny has spent the past three decades seeking opportunities to help individuals, teams and businesses survive and even succeed greatly in spite of trials and tribulations.

Achieving Success on the Proving Grounds of Corporate Life

For the bulk of Johnny’s career, he has proven his value at turning around seemingly hopeless situations, inspiring teams and individuals to business excellence.

Over the years, he continued to hone his leadership and strategic skills at such companies as KN Energy, Service and Support Consultants (SSC), Sage, Zenefits and many others, each time providing course-altering leadership as both a consultant and employee.

Johnny has built a reputation as one who achieves wins in team building, problem solving, customer experience and process management reengineering. Results included individual and team performance improvements, boosted customer satisfaction scores, revenue growth, profitability increases and reduction of expenses.

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