There’s no better way to measure the potential worth of a speaking engagement, teambuilding workshop, leadership coaching session, business consulting or management workshop with Johnny Laurent than to see the words of those who have experienced Johnny in action and have benefited from one of his engagements.

Not only did our overall service delivery improve, but I began dealing with less employee conflicts. The number of people in my office with questions or issues has been substantially reduced.

Julie MascarellaCustomer Support Manager, Lewis Computer Services.

Johnny's confidence and leadership is inspiring. It's rare to work with a leader that genuinely cares about how the organization impacts each individual. He remains a mentor.

Crystal PiaoPeople Operations Generalist, Upgrade, Inc.

Johnny's experience and expertise in leading our group through his communication workshop was extremely valuable. I was able to take some of the insights and immediately start incorporating them into my everyday interactions with my team. Johnny's communication and leadership style is very engaging, fun and interactive.

Kory KreditManager of Product Design &Product Experience at Infusionsoft

Johnny was a great asset, providing a vision for the businesses and to individuals. I would highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to engage with him, and I look forward to being able to do so again in the future!

Chris GoheenPresident, Workforce, Go!

Johnny taught by example that providing an exceptional customer experience should be at the forefront of everything we do at our company.

Brooke MaynardDir. of Marketing, Validity, Inc.

Johnny listens to the ideas of frontline employees, using their experiences to formulate strategies that further the organization’s success. His energy, optimism, passion and creativity are inspiring.

Kate VaughnSr. Product Marketing Manager

Johnny Laurent is one of those rare leaders who motivates, inspires and serves as a mentor to the entire staff, getting the best out of people.

Mark ButjeMarketing & Product Marketing Executive

Johnny is a strong, results-oriented leader who fosters a collaborative and effective team environment, directly and across all levels of the organization, and achieves results.

Jeff SzaronosCustomer Experience Executive

Johnny created goals for our organization that kept employees engaged and eager to attain. He fostered a strong company culture that empowered and acknowledged employees for their efforts, inspiring the organization to achieve great things.

Brooke MaynardDir. of Marketing, Validity, Inc.

Johnny is a sharp business leader with not only vision, but with the drive and dedication to turn vision into reality. I admire his integrity, trustworthiness and dedication.

Mark ButjeMarketing & Product Marketing Executive

I have watched his innovative approaches in fostering commitment, team spirit, pride and trust throughout the organization. Johnny leads by example and sets a high standard of performance for his team.

Jeff SzaronosCustomer Experience Executive

Johnny’s ability to cut through the clutter to see a clear vision of the company’s future is unmatched.

Brooke MaynardDir. of Marketing, Validity, Inc.

If you are looking for a talented leader with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the business, I highly recommend Johnny.

Mark ButjeMarketing and Product Marketing Executive

Johnny is a visionary with an eye for not only growing a business, but also seeking out opportunities to expand the business.

Kate VaughnSr. Product Marketing Manager

Will you experience similar positive outcomes from your services engagement with Johnny Laurent? Only one way to find out…