The Ripple Method, created by Johnny Laurent and employed with stellar results for decades, is a proven pathway to success in business and relationships – the fastest, most certain way to turn around the most difficult challenges facing your career, your company, or your relationships before these challenges create irreparable damage or loss.

Each of us has found ourselves in a place where things had to change. It is that moment we realized that, to grow or to get where we want to be, something had to change. But what, and how?

Over many years, I have watched managers and leaders either decide what to change on their own or crowdsource the answer to what they need to change. Then, they bring people into a room and brainstorm how to change it. This works occasionally, but, most of the time, it is a temporary patch to a long-term problem.

The Ripple Method replaces these activities with four “ripples” (steps), each one sequentially influencing the next ripple, that lead to long-term change.

The Ripple Method works because you discover the reality of what needs to change, learn the keys skills for success, and then surround yourself with people who have the same desires for the change as you do. Finally, you create accountability to deliver on the desired outcomes consistently.

The Ripple Method is a methodical, effective approach Johnny teaches to teams and individuals through coaching. It’s the most efficient method for achieving significant and lasting change and growth in yourself or in your organization. You may be saying this sounds like it is too slow for me and my situation. Not true; the pace of the growth process is dictated by you and how important this change is in your life.

What is The Ripple Method?

The Ripple Method is a four-step process, which includes self-discovery, establishing foundations for change, partnering with others going through similar situations and changes and, finally, creating accountability. This extremely abbreviated description is like trying to describe the Grand Canyon in one paragraph. To get the full story, read the book!

Johnny’s book is now available: Growth in the Disruption of Change: The Ripple Method.

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I am excited to announce the release of my eBook, Growth in the Disruption of Change: The Ripple Method.  It is an introduction to The Ripple Method which I developed to help reduce the stress of change.  This method can impact any change in your life or the life of your team.

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