Change has been a constant in my life.  My career has brought me the most changes and the most stressful ones.  When change happens, it is a stressful and emotionally draining time, and when change impacts multiple areas of your life at once, it is overwhelming.

Over many years I developed a process or method to deal with change more objectively rather than emotionally.  I call it The Ripple MethodTM, and it has helped me through personal change, career change, relationship change and even spiritual change.  It has allowed me to grow through the change, instead of letting it disrupt my life.

I am happy to announce I have just released my book, Growth in the Disruption of Change: The Ripple Method.  It has been a tough but rewarding process.  I am making this eBook available for a limited time for FREE.

If you are still wondering what it is? The Ripple Method is a four-step process which includes self-discovery, establishing foundations for change, partnering with others going through similar situations and changes and, finally, creating accountability. This extremely abbreviated description is like trying to describe the Grand Canyon in one paragraph. To get the full story, read the book!

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If you are going through change somewhere in your life right now and want to see how I can help you apply this technique to your situation, schedule a free 30-min consultation with me.

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