Business strategist Johnny Laurent, creator of The Ripple Method™ , brings his captivating speaking style to your venue – an entertaining and motivating style that makes him a favorite of speaking engagements around the country. Topics Johnny is often asked to speak on:

  • Communication: The Key To Success – Whether it is customer service or company culture, it all hinges on great relationships and effective communications. Let Johnny set the foundation and inspire your organization or team on how this change can impact their success.
  • Management & Leadership Excellence – Excellence is not just great ideas; it is turning great ideas into great actions that add value and impact people. How do your managers and corporate leaders translate ideas into results? By developing the ability to deal with change and how to help their employees deal with change.  Johnny’s The Ripple Method™ provides a framework for change and growth.
  • Turning the Ship Around – How company leaders can take identify and launch onto the best course after facing a dire situation (publicized lawsuit, a PR nightmare, nose diving market share, unwieldy growth spurt).
  • Introducing the Ripple Method – Trying to implement Johnny’s method for instigating positive and lasting improvement in your life or business? Get the salient points from Johnny himself.
  • People Make the Difference! – How do the people in your organization impact mission-critical business objectives? By what they do well – employee engagement, employee evaluations, etc. – and by what you do well: defining a business strategy that engages your staff rather than stresses them. Johnny will inspire and challenge your leaders to think about their role differently.
  • Marriage Mastery – How Johnny’s The Ripple Method™ and other key strategies of business can help strengthen marriages.

Contact us to schedule Johnny to speak anywhere, at any event that can benefit from his business or life wisdom and wit:

  • Conventions and conferences
  • Leadership summits
  • Company meetings
  • Retreats
  • Commencement programs
  • Corporate training sessions
  • Round tables and topical panels
  • Keynotes
  • Television talk shows
  • Podcast guest
  • Video show guest

Johnny's confidence and leadership is inspiring. It's rare to work with a leader that genuinely cares about how the organization impacts each individual. He remains a mentor.

Crystal PiaoPeople Operations Generalist, Upgrade, Inc.

Johnny taught by example that providing an exceptional customer experience should be at the forefront of everything we do at our company.

Brooke MaynardDir. of Marketing, Validity, Inc.

Johnny is a sharp business leader with not only vision, but also with the drive and dedication to turn vision into reality. I admire his integrity, trustworthiness and dedication.

Mark ButjeMarketing & Product Marketing Executive