In a world where there is a vacuum of true leadership, Johnny and his Ripple Method™ will help you identify the people and issues behind your company’s leadership challenges and provide a proven method for addressing them quickly and effectively.

The combination of a disciplined, predictable approach, one that combines both group sessions and personalized one-on-one assessments and coaching, provides a roadmap for getting your issues identified and resolved in the least amount of time possible. As a result:

  • Your company can dramatically improve productivity while reducing costly turnover.
  • Your executive team can function more effectively and efficiently.
  • Participants will gain and perfect critical, personalized people skills, communication skills and life skills that will improve their professional and personal satisfaction in every area of their life.

Schedule Johnny for team leadership assessment and consultation

Johnny Laurent’s decades of experience in boardrooms and in positions of leadership have transformed him into a tempered business strategist, called upon by corporate leaders for an intelligent, objective perspective on matters related to organizational development, bench building, human resources transformation, management development, leadership development, salesforce development, management strategies and more.

His leadership assessment and consultation program work because it’s based on proven principles and lead by a professional expert in leadership and communication with more than four decades of real-world, hands on management and leadership experience across a variety of industries.

It’s a multi-dimensional approach that combines an interactive gameplay environment, individualize assessment and personalized one-on-one coaching for maximum effectiveness. His carefully designed system is built to deliver results quickly and with a minimum of disruption for your organization.

Target: Leadership teams striving to increase their personal or company productivity or change the culture of leadership.

Strategic business consulting sessions can be customized by length and topic, and typically include:

  • A discovery and goal-setting meeting
  • A 2-4 hour team assessment session, using a fun and interactive game environment
  • Debrief sessions with each participant
  • An executive summary of assessment
  • A team development plan

Business leadership team strategic consulting sessions usually involve six total hours of direct engagement with Johnny, over five days.

Johnny is also available for one-on-one strategic consultation sessions with corporate leaders.