Whether you are communicating with family, friends, co-workers or customers, effectively delivering your message is key. But effective communications are sometimes elusive! Why?

Two problems, one solution:

  • Problem #1: human nature. We typically filter out more than 90 percent of all incoming communication. How then can you be sure that the 10 percent of what you communicate does get through?
  • Problem #2: human differences. It seems, no matter how hard you try, there are some people you struggle to understand or get through to because we all take in and process information differently.

Johnny’s effective communications workshops for teams address and resolve these and other common communication problems.

Whether you are a team of two or 20 or 200, whether you are a business team or a group of married couples, Johnny’s workshops for improving communications actually work!

What can participants expect to learn or achieve at the Effective Communications workshop? The ability to:

  • Apply what you learn to every conversation you have, at work and at home
  • More accurately “predict” how the other person will process what you say
  • Adjust your communication approach on an individual basis
  • Dramatically improve listening and understanding skills
  • Reduce relational stress resulting from interpersonal conflict
  • Improve closure rates in sales

Johnny’s communications improvement training workshops can be customized to:

  • Fit your specific industry or culture.
  • Support any team or group of people looking to improve communications within the team or outside with other groups.

Format: This is an interactive 4-hour “workshop” style of training, typically for up to 20 people. The training can be done on-site or in an off-site retreat environment.

Each workshop includes:

  • Discovery and goal-setting meeting with group leaders
  • 4-hour training
  • Executive summary of observations after training
  • Maximum class size of 30, additional per-person fee above 20

Also available: Effective Teams Training Add-On, which includes:

  • Additional 2 hours of interactive training on effective team building
  • Ideal for creating an all-day workshop, broken into multiple sessions
  • Can only be added onto the Effective Communication Training workshop (i.e. not standalone)

Corporate training workshops to improve team communications

Experienced Corporate Trainer Johnny Laurent brings decades of experience as a corporate manager and business leader. With a focus on Human Resources and Customer Support, he has been tested in the fires of seemingly impossible situations and been able to turn them around, assisting teams and companies back onto a track of growth and success.

Team Workshop themes:

  • Team Conflict Management
  • Effective Communications Training
  • Management Development
  • Team Building
  • Corporate Culture and Culture Life
  • Corporate Training Sessions
  • Cultural Alignment and Team Dynamics
  • Diversity Training
  • Issues Management
  • Leadership Management Development and Leadership Training
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Maximizing Talent
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Teambuilding and Team Collaboration
  • Team Conflict Resolution
  • Team Empowerment
  • Team Productivity

Communications Workshops for Marriage or Family Retreats

Johnny’s workshops for couples

Most couples will agree that communication is the biggest challenge in their marriage. Johnny’s marriage communication workshop is a highly effective, interactive and entertaining way to help couples strengthen their relationship and communicate better.

In Johnny’s marriage workshops, he presents material from many well known marriage help authors, along with life experiences, so couples can apply techniques right away.

Johnny’s consultation and training for marriage ministries

Are you ready to start a marriage ministry but not sure where to start? Let Johnny come in and help you find and develop your leadership team, and create a strategic plan to reach marriages around you.